The Loen Skylift takes you high above Loen Norway to Mount Hoven.
While not inexpensive, it opens up a whole different world than you experience down at sea level.
Although the top of the gondola is only 3300 feet above sea level, the topography here creates a subalpine zone with plenty of snow, cold temps, and biting winds. Quite a difference from the 74 degrees down in Loen.
We lucked out with very few other tourists, as a massive cruise ship is arriving in nearby Olden tomorrow which will flood all of the popular must-dos like this.
A relatively easy snow hike to the Skredfjellet summit, followed by a couple of beers on an empty deck overlooking the Innvikfjord – score!
We even watched a couple wingsuit flyers jump off of the cliff below us, pretty crazy to see in person.

Wait, What?

Wait, What?
The look you get when you start snapping before the model is ready

The Big Horseshoe

The Big Horseshoe on Mount Hoven
We have no idea why there’s a big horseshoe way up here.

Piled High and Deep

Piled High and Deep on Mount Hoven
I thought only a PhD meant Piled High and Deep

Is This Japan?

Is This Japan?  Cairn on Mount Hoven
First time I’ve seen a Japanese pagoda-themed cairn on a mountain.

Are We Here?

Are We Here?
Double-checking the signage


After double-checking the signage


Chilling on Mount Hoven
Taking a break out of the wind


Selfies on Mount Hoven
Happy hikers here

More Selfies

More Selfies on Mount Hoven
Prepped to head back down into the wind

Snow snow snow

Snow snow snow
We love the snow

Deep Blue

Deep Blue
Looking down into the Innsvikfjord

Lift Down

Lift Down from Mount Hoven
Watching the Loen SkyLift go down with Lake Lovatnet in the background


No crowds, just chilling with a couple beers looking down from Mount Hoven

Norweigan Beer

Norweigan Beer on Mount Hoven
Loen-Ol and Vestkyst IPA – we thoroughly enjoyed them both



Wingsuits Go

Wingsuits Go off of Mount Hoven
A couple of wingsuit flyers jump off of the ledge below us.

Heading Down

Heading Down from Mount Hoven
A shot from inside the Loen Skylift as we head back down to ground level

Skredfjellet 360

A quick pan around Skredfjellet

Skylift Beer

Having a beer on the deck

Uphill Waterfall Video

A short clip of the uphill waterfall

Wingsuits Jump

Colette’s video of the wingsuit flyers jumping

Wingsuit Video on Youtube

First-person view of jumping

Going Down the Skylift

Short clip of going down the Skylift

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