Mount Baker National Recreation Area is a ummm… National Recreation Area with Mount Baker right in the middle.
A splendid day hiking up to Blue Lake and chilling on the shores of Baker Lake.
This is a super-short post since we’re catching up on mountain photos while working and playing. From here we’re headed to the coast, probably one more upcoming mountain post from the Sauk Mountain trail and then it’s nothing but craggy rock, ocean spray, and (hopefully) whales for a while.
Welcome to summer in the Pacific Northwest!

Lakeside Respite

Lakeside Respite in teh Mount Baker National Recreation Area
Enjoying solitude on the edge of Blue Lake

Frozen and Not

Frozen and Not
As the snowpack melts, it slowly raises the level of Blue Lake with ice cold goodness.

Mount Baker

Mount Baker in the Mount Baker National Recreation Area
Mount Baker really is a beautiful peak. I believe that I have added it to my ‘come back and climb’ list for the upcoming years.

Photo Stop

Photo Stop in the Mount Baker National Recreation Area
Hanging out the roof enjoying the view. Part of buying a Jeep is to take the top and doors off and feel the nature around you, but it’s really only been on this trip that we’ve had the front roof panels off and really enjoyed the panorama view.

Blue On Blue

Blue On Blue
Mount Baker over Baker Lake. So much blue it hurts my eyes.

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