I had never heard of a NRT before, so when the Morrell Falls National Recreation Trail came up on our map we had to do it.
Despite having hiked many trails listed as a National Recreation Trail (Barr Trail, Round Mountain, Paseo del Morro, the list goes on), we hadn’t been aware of the designation until now.
There are roughly 1,300 National Recreation Trails, managed in coordination between the National Park Service, other federal, tribal, state, and local agencies, along with a nonprofit, American Trails.
The first 3/4 of this hike is pretty meh, lots of old-burn deadfall with very little elevation gain and no shade.
The final 1/4 has a few small lakes and finally Morrell Falls. You hear the falls a long way away and catch glimpses through the pines, making you hope that the last few miles of meh have been worth the effort.
The falls really are pretty spectacular this time of year, but the volume of water coming down creates a huge spray and it’s impossible to get a nice creamy long exposure photo as the mist completely covers the camera lens. What you get here will have to suffice.

In The Spray

In The Spray at Morrell Falls
It’s unbelievable how much spray is thrown off Morrell Falls, you can’t get far enough downriver to get away from it.

Morrell Falls

Morrell Falls
The hike in is pretty meh, but the falls are pretty spectacular this time of year.

Over The River

Over The River from Morrell Falls
And Through The Woods

Rounding the day off with a Lindey’s Bayburger overlooking Seeley Lake. A big, fat juicy burger served out of a food truck sitting at the edge of a beautiful blue lake? Yes, please.


We had to stop at Lindey’s Landing West for a Bayburger after hiking to Morrell Falls.

So Close

So Close
Only 2,957 miles to Daytona Beach!

The Morrell Falls National Recreation Trail is nothing to go out of your way for, we might even suggest skipping it if you’re already in the area anyway. It’s great for a bit of exercise and it’s nice to see the falls, but it’s not worth the hike unless you want to be extra hungry for that Bayburger.

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