Moraine Lake in Banff National Park is called Reddit Lake, in fact there is an entire subreddit called Reddit Lake.
Photographs make the lake appear to be isolated in the middle of wilderness, but the reality is that there’s a paved (although closed to private vehicles) road, rental cabins, and kayak rentals just out of the photo frame.
Despite there being 10,000 other lakes in Canada, Moraine Lake is the one that appears the most on Instagram, Facebook, and every other social media site. Hence ‘Reddit Lake’.
The shuttle bus is another book-ahead affair, you park your vehicle at the ski lodge and 20 minutes later you are deposited at the parking lot near the lake.
There’s a great and easy trail along the north side of the lake, bring snacks or a lunch and make an afternoon of just sitting along the lake’s edge taking it all in.
We highly recommend doing the nearby hike to Consolation Lakes, but would stick to the lower lake unless you have strong ankles, hiking poles and good boots due to the rocky terrain between the two lakes.
If you have deep pockets you can rent a canoe or a kayak, but the 140/hr CAD price tag plus the long line made this a non-starter for us.
We would put this on the must-do list for Banff, just make sure you plan ahead for shuttle or lodging arrangements.

The Tourist End

The Tourist End of Moraine Lake
If you don’t get away from where the bus drops off, you’ll never get away from the tourist hordes.

The View

The View of Moraine Lake
There’s a reason that Moraine Lake is called Reddit Lake.

This is Perfect

This is Perfect
No caption needed for this shot!

The Spot

The Spot on Moraine Lake
Colette enjoys the perfect kickback spot

Stop. Photographing. Me!

Stop. Photographing. Me!
Somebody is tired of click, click click!

Clark’s Nutcracker

Clark's Nutcracker at Moraine Lake
Or as Shelby and Tom call them – the Bacon Thief.

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