You know what makes camping even more enjoyable? Having a pair of bull moose invade your campsite!

We had just returned to our campsite at the Gordon Gulch dispersed camping area, and Tom said "Holy crap there’s two HUGE moose over there". I figured he was mistaking a couple of elk, but he was spot-on.

We grabbed our cameras and watched them from a respectful distance, getting a little nervous as they edged closer, until finally they moved off through the woods.

As we returned to camp duties, they decided to return, this time wandering right into our campsite and spending probably 15 minutes about 20 feet away from us, just munching away on young aspen saplings.

Very cool to see up so close, and so amazing to see a 1,000+ pound creature up this close in their natural habitat!

Data: Moose can easily stand 7 feet at the shoulder, and 10 feet with head and antlers. A bull weighs between 800 and 1500 pounds and is between 8 and 10 feet long. That’s huge!

Coming Closer

Coming Closer
Watching the bull moose move closer and closer.

What Big Eyes

What Big Moose Eyes
My, what big eyes you have, Mister Moose!


Moose Protection
As these moose move closer into our campsite, the car provides a nice safety barrier.

Hide And Seek

Hide And Seek
You can’t see me if I hide behind this aspen sapling!

Cleaning Time

Sometimes you gotta clean things up

Tasty Trees

Here’s the reason all of these aspen trees have huge scars on them

Minute of Moose

Here’s a minute of your life you’ll never get back, hearing these two chomp chomp chomp away

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