Turret Arch Up CloseDolphins to desert.


Even though we travel frequently I don’t take for granted the marvel of our modern day modes of transportation.  Two days ago we were standing on the beach in Florida watching dolphins.  This morning we awoke to a 6 a.m. alarm to watch the sunrise at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

ExpanseIt was an eerie feeling driving into the park in the dark, having also driven into this area last night in the dark. And having come directly from the flatland of Florida. The car headlights flashed on something right next to the road – a wall of rock! Then in the distance I could barely make out with my night vision shadows of larger walls and mountains. When we got Windowsout of the car there was darkness everywhere (no street lights here) and the only sound was something flapping in the wind on the ground (turned out to be caution tape around road work).


One other person was getting out of his truck when we pulled up, camera in hand and Petzl headlamp on head – what a nerd.  It was 56 degrees but felt much cooler with the brisk wind, so we added a layer and zipped our jackets.  We made the 1/2 mile climb up the trail to the North Colette in the North WindowWindow, camera in hand, Petzl on head.  Turns out there’s a lot of those nerds here in the early morning!


It was so quiet as we waited for Mother Nature’s morning show that we heard the wings of two crows flying by, and the crunch of another photographer coming up the trail. It’s hard to imagine this area with hundreds of tourists when it’s so peaceful right now.


Catch Your BalanceBrush stroke by brush stroke the sky filled with color and the vastness of the land that surrounded us came to light.  What an unique way for this to be revealed, like sitting in a dark room when someone hits the lights with a “surprise”.  So much land, so few people, no signs of civilization from here – it’s like we’ve stepped into the pages of a travel magazine.  Layers of red rock, arches, scrub brush as far as we can see in every direction. This is a great place to come if you want to be reminded how small you really are in the grand scheme of the world.








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4 thoughts on “Moab, Utah

  1. You two are really dedicated in getting to strange places at just the right time. That must have been an interesting walk/climb to see the sun come up in what looks like a really beautiful place.
    We like the way you described the dawn, “brush stroke by brush stroke the sky filled with color” Clever, creative words evoking a mental picture of the sunrise. Grandpa bunny bunny must have been at work there, your mom says.

  2. I like your closing line Jim. I think we all need that reminder now and then. Not sure why, but I have always been drawn to the “lonely places”. The feeling I get is the same, whether on a vast sea or the Great Plains. It seems to soothe my soul. I don’t want to stay there forever, but I need to keep returning…

  3. I’d love to take credit for the closing line, but Colette has written the last few blog posts since I’ve been consumed with getting photos posted.
    I definitely agree 100% though, it certainly emphasizes just what a small speck we are on the landscape here.

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