Imagine our surprise as we were sitting inside at our campsite in Mesa Colorado and heard cows mooing. LOTS of cows.
We peeked outside and noticed cows walking up 65 – the main road!
I threw a long lens on the camera and we headed outside for a look-see.
Some local rancher or ranchers were moving their cattle between pastures, and apparently the main road is the only option to go from Point A to Point B.
Not good for traffic, but good for those of us who wandered out to the road to watch from the sidelines.

Rush Hour

Rush Hour in Mesa Colorado
It doesn’t matter if you have a 180mph Porsche if you’re stuck in 2mph cows!

Young Wranglers

Young Wranglers in Mesa Colorado
These guys are starting young!

The Eye

The Eye
You’re crowding my space!

Hurry Up

Hurry Up
Yelling at the kids to hurry it on up


Roadblock in Mesa Colorado
Your choice – snowplows blocking the road in the winter, cows blocking the road in the summer.

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