Since we were headed to Marquette to go sailing, we decided to head up early and tour the town on our bicycles.

Marquette has a 12 mile bike path that stretches from Presque Isle down to the south side of town along the shores of Lake Superior.  Although 12 miles sounds long, after our off-road riding yesterday it was actually pretty easy – flat, smooth pavement.  We got to experience a freighter unloading it’s load of coal at the ore dock before taking on iron ore, but since we had to be back at the marina at 8pm we weren’t able to catch the iron ore loading.  Apparently this is such a tourist draw that you can call the Chamber of Commerce for ship loading times!

Marquette is a charming little town, despite some reviews on TripAdvisor about their lack of art and other such tomfoolery.  I have no idea why someone would make the trek all the way up here only to spend time indoors looking at arts and crafts anyway when there’s so much of nature’s splendor right outside.

The lakeshore is exactly what I think of when I think of Lake Superior – layered rocks rising out of the water, long sand beaches covered in seagrass, and deep blue expanses of water rolling out to meet the horizon.


A gorgeous sunset sail on Coaster II, and a nightcap at L’Attitudes, a charming local watering hole facing the city marina.  Some people on TripAdvisor have given terrible reviews for them, but we both thought that the service was fast and friendly, the beverage selection was great, and the outdoor atmosphere was lively without being overly noisy.  We would certainly return again on a future trip.