The Maple Pass Trail is listed on AllTrails as a hard 6.5 mile loop hike with 2,162 feet of elevation gain.
We usually don’t rating-shame hikes since we know that everybody has their own level of outdoor ability, but this one falls squarely in the middle of moderate, nowhere near hard.
Plenty of elevation ups and downs, plenty of snow, but nothing too taxing if you have a base level of fitness and you’re comfortable in the mountains. One foot in front of the other, look around at the beautiful views, look back down, one foot in front of the other. Rinse, repeat.
What this hike does have in abundance is beautiful views, gorgeous peaks, glacial blue lakes, stunning vistas, and a bunch of other things I’d include if I hadn’t just run out of adjectives.
This is an ABSOLUTE MUST-DO in North Cascades National Park, easy access via route 20, relatively easy terrain, and huge bang for the buck on views.
We would rate this one an 11 out of 10.

Crazy Clouds

Crazy Clouds over the Maple Pass trail
Crazy clouds and wind as we head up the Maple Pass Trail

Funnel Cloud

Funnel Cloud
That spiral funnel cloud is pretty crazy

Lake Ann

Lake Ann from teh Maple Pass trail
Lake Ann makes a perfect centerpiece for this shot

On The Edge

On The Edge of the Maple Pass trsil
A flat shelf of ice, then mountains to infinity. This shot looks like it’s a bit off-level, but it’s 100% level and just an optical illusion.

Snow Slog

Snow Slog up the Maple Pass trail
Colette follows me up to Maple Pass with Corteo Peak and Black Peak towering above


A perfect lunch spot high atop Maple Pass

What Goes Up

What Goes Up
Scramble down from our beautiful lunch spot.

On The Lip

On The Lip of the Maple Pass trail
Don’t step off of the trail onto this cornice or you will have a fast trip down to Lake Ann!

America’s Alps

America's Alps
This sure looks like the Alps to me

Rainy Lake

Rainy Lake from the Maple Pass trail
A beautiful view down on Rainy Lake

Maple Pass Trail Google Earth

Maple Pass Trail Google Earth
Google Earth visual of the Maple Pass trail hike

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