In our humble opinion, the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park is the best area of the entire Park, but don’t tell anyone or the tourists will come.
Since the majority of people stay on the west side in the West Glacier area, visiting entails driving all the way around or over the Going-to-the-Sun road then driving north and re-entering the park. This helps to keep a lot of the crowds down, although the area is no secret and it’s definitely not a serene experience.
The Many Glacier area derives its name from the numerous glaciers that once dominated the landscape. While the glaciers have receded over the years due to climate change, the awe-inspiring remnants still leave a lasting impact. Dominated by towering peaks, pristine lakes, and lush valleys, the scenery in Many Glacier is nothing short of spectacular.
Jagged mountains, including Grinnell Point and Mount Wilbur, create a dramatic backdrop against the vivid blue waters of Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine, which are nestled within the area. These lakes are not only visually stunning but also offer opportunities for boating, fishing, and hiking along their shores.

The best trails in the Park start from Many Glacier, including the famous Grinnell Glacier trail up to the glacier. The Iceberg Lake Trail is another favorite, leading hikers to a glacial lake dotted with floating icebergs against a backdrop of towering peaks.
Both trails showcase the region’s stunning beauty and offer a chance to experience the park’s unique geological features. If you’re looking for something a little less strenuous, the hike to Redrock Falls or Bullhead Lake is an easy stroll with excellent views.

Redrock Falls

Redrock Falls in Many Glacier
I can see where the Redrock Falls get their name.

Another Trail Pic

Another Trail Pic in Many Glacier
Rear trail photo of Colette number 18,502

Bullhead Lake

Bullhead Lake in Many Glacier
Bullhead Lake is a great stopping spot for those willing to venture a little farther than Redrock Falls

Nearby Fishercap Lake is a local moose favorite, with moose in the lake eating aquatic plants each day we visited.

Feeding Grounds

Feeding Grounds
That lump is a cow moose stuffing herself on aquatic grass

Soggy Ears

Soggy Ears
Everything about this looks like a soggy hat day

The historic Many Glacier Hotel built in the early 1900s captures most of the tourist photos, but we prefer the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn’s history plus they have ice cream sandwiches…

SwiftCurrent Motor Inn

SwiftCurrent Motor Inn in Many Glacier
This place has a long and storied history, and is still a great place to pick up a couple beers or an ice cream after your long day on the trails.

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