I have a few faithful electronic companions – my smartphone, my laptop, my camera, and my Kindle.  The first three of these take quite a bit of ramp-up time to get fully functional, the Kindle simply works.

I was recently reminded of just how nicely the Kindle works, when Colette’s brother published a book on Amazon.  Point, click, 2 minutes later I’m reading the book on my Kindle.  Amazing, and so easy that I already take it for granted.

The Kindle is well worth the $140 for anyone who likes to read.  I can carry around hundreds of books, all of my work manuals (many thick, thick books), and manuals for all of my other gadgetry in a format that slips easily into my pants pocket.

I owned a Nook before this, and was pretty disappointed with it’s slow interface and wonky feel.  None of that with the Kindle, a regular QWERTY keyboard makes text entry for bookmarks, comments, and highlighting super easy, and all of your notations are saved out to a text file for easy consumption elsewhere.  I can’t say anything about the Kindle that the professional reviewers and gadget sites haven’t already said – except go buy one!

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