The island, not the city.  One is quite the tourist destination, the other ekes out a living simply by having the same first name as the other.

My last trip to Mackinac Island was in 2000, and Colette’s last trip was in 1975.  Yes, 1975.  Let me repeat:  1975.

Apparently not that much changed in the quarter of a century between the pair of our previous trips, and not that much has changed since.  The touristy main drag.  Fort Mackinac.  The Grand Hotel.  These things are etched in the forefront of the memory.  Iconic Mackinac Island at it’s best.

Despite periods of torrential downpour driving from Sault Sainte Marie on our trip south, we decided that now was our one chance to hit Mackinac, relive the memories, and check it off the list.  Although the weather wasn’t the best, our timing was impeccable.  Sketchy weather meant that we had the ferry to the island to ourselves.  Intermittent rain bursts kept the tourists off of the bike paths and out of our photos.  Once again – appropriate gear, flexibility, and a good attitude can help you make the best of a situation when Mother Nature is in a pissy mood.

Our single goal was to bike the path around the island, get some photos, and see a few of the major highlights.  The Grand Hotel was high on the list, and we spent a bit of time exploring inside and out, including a stint on the porch and the Cupola Bar.  Time well spent, and we’ll both remember it fondly wen we look back through our pictures and journals years from now.