Leavenworth is a small Bavarian-styled town in central Washington State in the Cascade Mountains.
When I hear Leavenworth I think of Leavenworth Kansas, the home of Fort Leavenworth and the US Penitentiary.
Not a small tourist town in the middle of Washington.
One of the guys on my team used to live out here and I pumped him for Washington must-dos, and this was a golden nugget he dropped.
Touristy – yes.
Traffic – yes.
Overpriced – yes.
But it’s definitely a cool stop, and there are certainly a lot of people who make the day trip up from Seattle to see it.
Grab a bratwurst and a beer at the Munchen Haus.
Listen to some live accordian music.
Stroll the trails on Blackbird Island and watch the Wenatchee River flow by.
Enjoy a little people-watching with the tourists.
And relive some of the good times living in Germany. Enjoy some of our old photos tagged Bavaria
Very cool stop, something to do once. Twice would be one time too many.


When you have Steins for relatives, you can’t NOT take this shot!

WooHoo Winery

WooHoo Winery in Leavenworth
I thought the WooHoo Winery was a basement strip club at first glance

Sunlight Beer

Sunlight Beer
Aaaaaah – a little bit of Germany

Munchen Haus

Munchen Haus
This was the top-rated place on social media, and we weren’t disappointed in the least.

So Colorful

So Colorful
We love the Bavarian house paintings

Rhein Haus

Rhein Haus Leavenworth
The Rhein Haus is a very photogenic building

Bit of Bavaria

Bit of Bavaria in Leavenworth
This could be Germany if it weren’t for the English stop sign.

The Shepherd

The Shepherd
Every building has traditional Bavarian painting on them.

Lazy Days

Lazy Days
A group of young ladies float lazily down the Wenatchee River on their tubes

Hey, You

Hey, You
Look deep into my eyes. Now go fetch me a carrot!

A Warm Welcome

A Warm Welcome in Leavenworth
The Leavenworth Festhalle gives you a warm welcome (herzlich willkommen)

Serious Sparkle

Serious Sparkle - Accordian in Leavenworth
There was an accordian event going on this weekend, with plenty of instruments lined up at the Festhalle

Mini Bavaria

Mini Bavaria in Leavenworth
This definitely looks like Bavaria

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