Lake Louise is THE place to see and be in Banff, so you better plan ahead with your lodging and transportation! Parking is limited and mostly impossible to obtain after 6am, and the shuttle bus has to be booked well in advance.
The obvious immediate draw is the milky blue water of the lake itself, so milky that it looks like they dyed the water. In fact, I think that it’s the milkiest that we’ve seen to date.
If you planned well, welcome to Disneyland!
Seriously, the entire area feels like something straight out of Disney, from the unreal water to the crowds to the overly grandiose Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel towering over the lake.
With rooms running into the thousands of dollars per night, this is not a poor man’s retreat. You aren’t even allowed in the hotel lobby unless you have a reservation.
The must-do hike here is up to the Lake Agnes Tea House, and it is more of a madhouse than a teahouse.
The tea house was built in 1901 as a refuge for hikers, and somebody posted it on social media and the place just blew up. I read somewhere that the wait time for a cup of tea to go is 45 minutes! That’s takeout tea. 45 minutes.
We hiked up quite early, and the waiting line was already 30 or so people. Nuts. That’s takeout tea.
Lake Agnes is a beautiful hanging lake, and there are several popular hikes that start from here. We came and saw, and then decided to hike elsewhere sans crowds.
The Fairview Lookout trail was far more our scene – few people, especially after you pass the "going past here not recommended due to sketchy trail" sign. Beautiful views of the lake all to ourselves!
We can definitely see the allure of Lake Louise, and we’re glad that we feel no desire to return!

Lake Agnes

Lake Agnes
A long exposure of Lake Agnes, reflecting nicely below Mount Whyte and the Devils Thumb

The Beehive

The Beehive above Lake Louise
The Beehive is a popular hike for people who didn’t wear themselves out hiking up to the Lake Agnes Teahouse.


Disneyland at Lake Louise!
The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise looks like Disneyland with it’s overly grandiose buildings and the fake-looking water of Lake Louise.

Not Tourists

Not Tourists
If you follow the trails where the signs say you might fall to your death, you can get some peace and solitude here!

So Fake

Lake Louise Looks So Fake
The crazy blue water of Lake Louise looks completely fake.

Outward Bound

Outward Bound
I love this angle of Lake Louise

Oh, Canada!

Oh, Canada!
One of the guided canoe tours going out on Lake Louise


I think these are something in the snapdragon family, but whatever they are they hurt my eyes!

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