It’s crazy hot down in Moab, so I decided to get some training time in up in the La Sal Mountains.
The La Sal Mountains sit within easy reach from Moab along the Utah/Colorado border.
Not much to write about, just a great day spent hiking in the snow, cooking a nice backpacker lunch, and getting some mountain training time in!

Changing Weather

Changing Weather in the La Sal Mountains
The scenery changes as you climb up into the La Sal Mountains out of the heat in Moab.

Happy Hiker

Happy Hiker in the La Sal Mountains
Happy to be out here in the cold!


Lunchtime in the La Sal Mountains
Taking a break and playing with the drone

Close The Gate

Close The Gate to the La Sal Mountains
Pretty sure it’ll be a while before this gate can be closed.

Target Locked

Target Locked on the La Sal Mountains
I think I’ll hike up there today.

Green and White

Green and White
Juniper scrub lowlands, snowcapped peaks

Looks Cold

Looks Cold up in the La Sal Mountains
This looks like a perfect place to play today!

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