Kootenai Falls is roughly the halfway point between our stops in Seeley Lake Montana and Bonners Ferry Idaho.
Despite a short stop in Kalispell Montana to hit Walmart (curbside pickup in a huge RV for the win!), Best Buy (waste of time looking for a specific USB cable), and REI (also a waste of time looking for a hiking pole piece I lost), we wanted a mid-trip stop for a hike and some photos.
Perfect. We logged two miles on the nose, with some ups and downs. Exactly what we needed.
Kootenai Falls aren’t really falls in my opinion, more of a set of cascades or even rapids with only a 30 foot drop visible from the swinging bridge.
They are photogenic and cool to see, and the volume of water flowing through is quite impressive, making them one of the largest free-flowing waterfalls in the Northwest.
We didn’t realize what a tourist attraction this was, and were surprised by the amount of people heading down from the close (not-huge-RV-overflow) parking lot and across the suspension bridge.
Come, see, make pretty photos, move along. Very cool to see once, we probably wouldn’t make another stop unless we needed a leg stretch if we were passing through in the future.
Check, check, check.


Slow-Mo at the Kootenai Falls
A long exposure of water pouring over the cascades within the Kootenai Falls.


Taking a stroll across the swinging Kootenai Falls Suspension Bridge

Popping a Squat

Popping a Squat
Sitting and watching the falls

A Dot Of Red

A Dot Of Red on the Kootenai Falls bridge
Stopping for a photo op on the middle of the Kootenai Falls Suspension Bridge

All Alone

All Alone on the Kootenai Falls bridge
A solo photo op in the middle of the Kootenai Falls Suspension Bridge

Rocks and River

Rocks and River
The river runs slowly when you throw a heavy ND filter on and set a long exposure

Final Glances

Final Glances
A few final looks before we load back up and continue on our journey.

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