We had never heard of Kodachrome Basin State Park before researching this trip.
Created in 1949, the National Geographic Society convinced Kodak to allow the park to be named Kodachrome, after Kodak’s color film. Pretty good choice on Kodak’s part.
Aside from the vivid colors and contrasts, one of the key attractions of the park are the 67 monolithic spires that stick up out of the sandstone. These spires are called sand pipes and it is believed that these are the only ones anywhere on earth.
Since it was Christmas Day, we were lucky enough to have the entire park to ourselves, not even the park rangers were around. Very nice not having other tourists on the trails!
You can pretty much do the Angel’s Garden trail and the Panorama Loop trail and get a 90% view of the park, which is exactly what we did. I had planned on bringing the drone along since this is one of the few parks you can legally fly in, but it obviously wasn’t that important since I forgot.
We had considered camping for a night here, but after hitting the highlight hikes we decided that we would push on to our boondocking spot outside Escalante and get settled in instead.

Angel’s Palace

Angel's Palace
The Angel’s Palace trail would be an amazing place to set your kids loose for the day.

Oh, George

Oh, George
Looks like George Washington or Julius Caesar looking to the right.

We Want Royalties

We Want Royalties
Forest River should be paying us royalties for all of the Pod photos we take.

Let Me Out

Kodachrome Basin  - Let Me Out
It looks like ghosts trying to get out, but it’s just handprints from years of tourists scraping their fingers down the soft sandstone.

Ballerina Spire

Kodachrome Basin Ballerina Spire
I don’t see the ballerina, but this really is an amazing monolith.

The Hat Shop

Kodachrome Basin Hat Shop
You have to use your imagination to see the different hats in the Hat Shop.

Chunks Everywhere

Kodachrome Basin Chunks Everywhere
These massive rock formations just pop up from nothing.

Red Rock, Red Dirt

Kodachrome Basin Red Rock, Red Dirt
Not only is the rock red, the soil is a sandy red clay.

Too Pooped To Pump

Too Pooped To Pump
An old visible gas pump in the town of Cannonville just outside Kodachrome Basin.

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