P2150018.sized[1]When I was working in Miami last October-November, we snorkeled several times, and liked the crew of the Reef Roamer.  Good prices, a smooth ride aboard their catamaran, and friendly crew earned them our repeat business this trip.

Even with construction headed southbound out of Miami, Key Largo is less than an hour drive if your gas pedal foot is accustomed to Michigan driving speeds.  Unfortunately the only picturesque portion is single-lane through the Keys, so you have to watch the road instead of enjoying the drive.

My beautiful pictureWe stopped at Scuba Outlet and each picked up a hood and gloves to go with our wetsuits, and boy were we glad that we did.  The water temp was 70 degrees, which sounds warm when you think about air temps, but there’s quite a difference!  Water temperature below 90 degrees starts to rob your body heat, as water transfers heat 25 times more efficiently than air, and water is considered “cold water” at anything below 70 degrees.  Every person (with the exception of two hardy Russian guys) on the boat rented a wetsuit, but we were the only geeky-looking (but warm!) ones with hoods and gloves.

We hit the water at the same two sites we visited when we went out on Reef Roamer in November, both off the White Banks Dry Rocks reef.  Too shallow to be popular with divers, these sites are a snorkelers  dream, with large brain coral and abundant fish life.  The recent storms have really churned up the Atlantic, and visibility was down greatly from our last trip.

In a departure from my normally wordy diatribes, I really don’t have much to say about the water, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

My beautiful pictureMy beautiful picture 

Dinner was at our favorite post-Keys sunset spot at .  Gorgeous sunsets, great burgers, and a bit of Key Lime pie make the thought of returning to work and civilization almost bearable.  A fitting end to another great day.

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