Jamestown is a popular stop along I-94 known for the National Buffalo Museum and the World’s Largest Buffalo.
Before I get hate mail for confusing the facts – there are no buffalo in North America, only bison. Even the National Park Service has signs that say buffalo – no wonder people are confused.
Jamestown has done a good job of attracting tourist dollars, Dakota Thunder (the largest bison) is visible from the freeway and lures the eye in.
They brought in original buildings from frontier villages throughout North Dakota and created the Frontier Village – filled with artifacts and antiques.
A Northern Pacific railroad depot, Louis L’amour’s writers shack ,post office, land survey office, barber shop, pony rides, stagecoach rides, plenty to see here. And of course, plenty of souvenirs to buy while you’re here too. There’s also a ice cream to be had, it was just too chilly when we stopped in.
Although the famous albino bison died a few years back, Dakota Thunder is still quite the draw.
The town is definitely worth a quick stop if you’re already passing by on I-94, it’s a quick way to break up the drive and see a little bit of Americana that you’d miss otherwise.

A Cut And A Cross

A Cut And A Cross
You can stop in at the barber shop and get tidied up before you head to church…

Dakota Thunder

Dakota Thunder in Jamestown North Dakota
The world’s largest buffalo… er… bison.

My Life Sucks

My Life Sucks
This little pony spends his days giving kids pony rides here.

Fit For A Royal

Fit For A Royal
Old typewriters are cool.

What I Know About Women

What I Know About Women
I was going to write a similar book until Colette explained that it would be blank inside.

1930 Chevy

1930 Chevy at Jamestown North Dakota
This is a cool old truck.

Hit The Brakes

Hit The Brakes for Jamestown North Dakota
The brake wheel on an old caboose.

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