If you choose to ignore our “Avoid Ponce” recommendation, then make sure you do a day trip to Isla Cardona.
Only a mile and a half out of the harbor, this is a small sliver of sand and scrub that feels more like a million miles away.
There is enjoyable snorkeling, swimming, and a very nice beach area to kick back and do absolutely nothing.
Isla Cardona and Caja de Muertos (Coffin Island) are popular with both tourists and locals and the locals like to play dueling bluetooth radios, so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find complete solitude, but it is peaceful in its own way.
Captain Juan at Poseidon Marine Adventures runs a water taxi service back and forth to the island with reasonable rates and what appears to be a well-maintained no-frills center console boat.
He also rents beach chairs and snorkel gear, we brought our own dive masks and snorkels but his gear looked pretty decent.
There is a small lighthouse (the Cardona Island Light) on the island that you can wander around it in between beaching and water time.
We can’t recommend this highly enough if you do end up in Ponce.

Glassy Water

Glassy Water heading to Isla Cardona
The water doesn’t get much better than this for the quick ride out to Isla Cardona

Assume The Position

Assume The Position
With this calm water, Colette enjoys a great ride up in the bow.

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces of debris at Isla Cardona
Natural debris makes good photos sometimes.

To The Beach

To The Beach
This could be any beach on the west coast of Florida

This Little Light Of Mine

This Little Light Of Mine
I’m going to let it shine

Beach Bums

Beach Bums on Isla Cardona
Sometimes it’s nice to just sit in a chair in the sand and do nothing!

The Taxi

The Taxi to Isla Cardona
Captain Juan’s water taxi

Do You Have The Cheetos?

Do You Have The Cheetos? Hermit Crab at Isla Cardona
Everybody loves Cheetos!

Nom Nom Nom

You’re welcome!

Empty Beach

A quick pan around the empty beach at Isla Cardona

Busy Hermit Crab

This little guy is busy!

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