Hoosier Hill is the Indiana high point at a stratospheric 1,257 feet above sea level.
We struggled and struggled through corn fields, soybeans, and rough rutted country roads before finally taming this beast!
Hoosier Hill sits on private property, however the owner allows highpointers to visit, and a local Boy Scout built a marker and a trail for the visitors.
One more high point down, now off to Campbell Hill in Ohio!

On The Mark

On The Mark
No geodetic marker, but as least there’s a nicely engraved rock.

Summit Sign

Summit Sign
You must have the cardboard summit sign when bagging the high peaks.

In Trouble

In Trouble
I’m in trouble for posting this fast-moving creature.

Leave A Label

Leave A Label at Hoosier Hill
We didn’t leave our mark, but plenty of folks have.

Uphill Struggle

Uphill Struggle to Hoosier Hill
Even Jeeperz and Lil Pod made it up within feet of the summit!

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