Today I’m packing up the cottage and driving to Sault Ste. Marie, where I’ll pick Jim upDay on the Lake from the airport. 

We made the most of our time at the cottage, blending weekends of exploring and adventuring with weekends of relaxing and recalibrating. 

Many days were unseasonably warm reaching high into the 80’s.  And many days were chilly enough for Jim’s stocking cap! 

In the short time Jim and I were both working in Orlando last week, we could see a difference when we returned to the cottage.  Days are shorter, sun sits a little lower in the sky, tops of trees have started to turn colors.  We are certainly in the waning days of summer (thanks Dad Winking smile).

A Relaxing Evening at Queen CottagesThe coming week will be a mixture of one or two nights at different hotels as we begin our slow migration south. 

We’ve attempted to pack the car in such a way that we’ll have minimal loading and unloading.  Time will tell how well that works.

I enjoyed a campfire most days here, starting a small one even on the days it was warm just to enjoy the snap, crackle, pop and the mesmerizing glow. Sunrises. Sunsets. Raspberries. Bike rides. Deer. Chippie the chipmunk.DSC_5690

Goodbye Queen Cottages on Big Shag Lake. 

We have enjoyed you immensely. And now, we have other places to roam.

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