Hard to believe it’s been just 10 days.  It’s Monday morning.  Jim is back at work, and so am I. 

It’s surprising how quickly I can fall into a routine that feels so normal…something that will prove to be invaluable as our adventure progresses I imagine.  Sunrise over the lake with a  cup of coffee. Spend a few hours at my desk working.  Mid-day break for a bike ride around the lake.  Back to my desk for more work.  Optional row boat in the lake, connect with family and friends, putz around the cabin or outside.  Luckily, I weaned myself off TV a few years ago.  I wonder about how many people would be satisfied with the constant silence of this place.

I have the whole site to myself right now, except for the cottage owners and the chipmunk Jim turned into a birdseed junkie over the weekend.  I hear birds all around and we put a bird feeder out, but so far no takers. 

This is a stark contrast from the chaos and and compressed schedule of just a couple weeks ago. As I sit here this morning with the leftover campfire scent wafting through the cabin, it was certainly worth it all to get here.

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