A relatively short day – back to Savannah for a break after enjoying the sunrise show this morning, then pack up the bikes and head to Hilton Head.

We were both tired after the early morning, and there was little on HHI to hold our interest.  A quick photo op at the lighthouse, a short nap in the shade, and a bite of lunch finished out our tour.  I can certainly see the charm for the vacationing set and for the retirement set, but not so much for adventure travelers.  Time for Plan B.

The Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge is located on a neighboring island.  The refuge occupies the entire island, and is closed to vehicle traffic after the parking area.  Miles of flat, easy trails, lots of birds and other wildlife, and having the park to ourselves makes for a great bike ride despite the light drizzle that popped up a time or two.  The icing on the cake for me (Colette’s just jaded from living in FL for so many years) was stopping on the trail and having an alligator watching us from a few feet away – very cool.  I guess that means no swimming for us today!