A day spent just generally poking around Grindelwald and seeing what trails we can hop on and explore. The views here are absolutely amazing, steep mountains with lush green valleys between. This is what people picture when they think of Switzerland, and there is nothing here that disappoints!

Right at Home

Right at Home in Grindelwald
Not bad digs, if you can afford it! Our Land Rover looks right at home at this chalet overlooking Grindelwald with Wetterhorn in the background.


Amazing rock in Grindelwald
Swiss mountains are AMAZING! This twisted rock face is right in everybody backyard – just part of the everyday backdrop.

Digging Out

Digging Out
A large Komatsu PC350 excavator looks like it’s being used to clean up the area after a larger-than-normal spring river rush.

Raging Waters

Raging Waters in Grindelwald
Colette is a tiny speck against the mountain and raging flood waters of the Schwarze Lutschine. There was a huge excavator parked nearby and plenty of fresh earthwork that makes me believe they had a spring deluge that caused a lot of damage.