The hike to Consolation Lakes is a great hike near Moraine Lake in Banff National Park.
We recommend hiking to the lower lake, and only continuing to the upper lake if you have sturdy footwear and poles.
Short post today, we’re just here for the photos!

Trail to Consolation Lakes

Trail to Consolation Lakes
Right this way folks – although most people stop at the first Consolation Lake.

Moraine Lake Sunrise

Moraine Lake Sunrise
I love this shot of Lake Moraine

Nice and Flat

Nice and Flat trail to Consolation Lakes
It’s an easy trail up to the first Consolation Lake.

But Then

But Then
It’s a little harder to get to the second Consolation Lake.

Blue and Green

Blue and Green Consolation Lakes
Gotta love these alpine lakes.

The Extra Ten Percent

The Extra Ten Percent at Consolation Lakes
Those who push ten percent further get ninety percent greater rewards!

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