Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park is anything but hidden.
Due to its starting location at the Logan Pass Visitor Center, this is the most heavily trafficked trail within the Park.
Arriving early gets you three benefits – available parking, fewer crowds, and missing the heat of the day. Parking fills up by 7am and there’s an endless line of cars looping and hoping to find a spot. After there’s enough of a line the rangers will close the parking lot completely and then visitors have to park way down Going-to-the-Sun road and walk uphill to the visitor center.
The other option is to hop on the shuttle bus to catch a ride up, but it looked like there are long lines at the shuttle stops.
Most visitors are wiped out by the walk up to the saddle and do not continue down to the lake, although you still will find no peace and quiet down there.
Is it worth it? Definitely!
The trail is a relatively easy 5.1 miles and 1,338 feet of elevation, with boardwalk and a great trail on the way up, and a decent trail from the saddle down to the lake.
The views of Bearhat Mountain are spectacular, and the lake itself is pretty stunning both from the overlook and the lake’s edge.
Start early, bring water and sturdy footwear, and see why this hike is so popular!

Sitting Spot

Sitting Spot at Hidden Lake
Colette enjoys a bit of solitude at Hidden Lake while she checks out Bearhat Mountain.


Leftovers above Hidden Lake
There are always small basins like this at altitude that collect runoff before it trickles down the slopes.

Hidden Lake Panorama

Hidden Lake Panorama
A huge panorama of Hidden Lake and Bearhat Mountain stitched together.

Not-So Hidden Lake

Not-So Hidden Lake
Hidden Lake might have been hidden centuries ago, but it’s a crowd favorite nowadays.

So. Many. Flowers

So. Many. Flowers
This stand of alpine flowers hurts my eyes!

Clements Mountain

Clements Mountain above Hidden Lake
Clements Mountain is a chunky bit of multi-colored rock towering above you as you make your way up to the Hidden Lake Overlook.

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