Hawkeye Point – yay Iowa! Another highpoint done for no other reason than highpointing…
Congratulations to someone in the Chamber of Commerce for doing up a pretty decent high point marker in the middle of nowhere.
Compared to the garbage that is Panorama Point (the Nebraska High Point), this is pretty amazing.

Hawkeye Point – The Art of Flat

If you’re not highpointing, you would never have ventured off the interstate. Since we were in search – we were pleased with the little setup that they put together.
Two thumbs up – but only if you’re highpointing. You might want to bring along supplemental oxygen also for the stratospheric altitude of 1,670 feet, and get prepared for the climb as Hawkeye Point towers 20 feet above the surrounding farmland!
I love this quote from summitpost.org : In Kansas, flatness is a way of life, in Iowa, it’s an art.

Oh, Iowa

Oh, Iowa
Mosaic tiles are about as exciting as it gets in Iowa…

Hawkeye Point

Hawkeye Point
The official gravestone… er… marker.

Jumping For Joy

Jumping For Joy at Hawkeye Point
Am I excited to be here, or excited to be leaving?

Pod with Sign

Pod with Sign
The mandatory Lil’Pod with sign shot.

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