Gus the Huge Larch Tree is the largest Western Larch tree in the world.
At 153 feet tall, he is currently two feet taller than the Statue of Liberty.
Interestingly enough, the trees are deciduous conifers, although being conifers they lose their needles in the winter. I had no idea that this was a thing before now.
Gus is a short walk from our campsite in the River Point Campground on Lake Seeley Montana, even if we did have to climb a chainlink fence since the bridge across the river is currently closed…
Not as impressive as the Sequoias, but it’s always cool to see massive trees up close!

Gus The Larch Tree

Gus The Larch Tree
The world’s largest Western Larch Tree at 153 feet tall

So. Big.

So. Big.  Gus The Huge Larch Tree
Tree huggers everywhere!

Tips For Living

Tips For Living
An educational sign about Gus the Larch Tree from the Forest Service


Whorls on Gus The Huge Larch Tree
This bark tells a lot of stories

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