Normally we steer far clear of KOA campgrounds, but we returned for a second time to the Gunnison KOA.
I needed to have decent internet for a couple days for work, and we didn’t see any decent boondocking options around Gunnison, so back to the KOA.
Usually there are hordes of screaming children around the pool, running through the campground, and generally filling the air with the delightful sounds of their laughter.
Which is good – if that’s your thing. Just so happens it’s not ours.
But the Gunnison KOA doesn’t have a pool, instead you get Dave’s Zoo.
Horses, donkeys, goats, miniature horses, big fat pigs, little fat pigs, it’s literally a zoo here.
Some of the animals stay within their stalls, but two of the miniature horses and several of the goats roam free within the campground.
Pretty cool to look out your window and watch a miniature horse grazing while you’re on a conference call, or watch the donkeys nuzzling the the adventure bikers tent-camped next door looking for handouts.
You do get the occasional road apples on the lawn, but the campground staff is quick to come around with a pooper-scooper to whisk them away.
The Gunnison airport runway ends right across the road, so you get the occasional American or United regional jets spinning up their engines to get maximum thrust to get off the short runway, and we had a Colorado ANG C-130 transport plane doing touch-and-gos on Wednesday morning, but they were rarely a bother and more likely entertainment for the guests. I think the animals didn’t even notice.
Despite steering away from campgrounds and especially KOAs, we would definitely stay here again on our way through.
From here we’ll head south through Lake City to Creede for a few days, then on towards Durango.

Rough Life

Rough Life at Gunnison KOA
I can see in the eyes what a rough life it is here.

By The Hair of my Chinny Chin Chin

By The Hair of my Chinny Chin Chin
Now that is a righteous beard.

Just… Fluffy…

Just... Fluffy...
Hey, I’m not fat – I’m just fluffy.

Welcome to Gunnison KOA

Welcome to Gunnison KOA
One of the nicer campground welcome signs we’ve seen.


I’d love some treats, but I’m watching my girlish figure.

Happy Dave

Happy Dave at Gunnison KOA
I’m guessing this is Dave from Dave’s Zoo. Very artistic work!

Dave’s Zoo

Dave's Zoo at Gunnison KOA
Oink, Moo, Neigh, Maa-Maa, Bah, Hee-Haw.

Just Another Day

Just Another Day at the Gunnison KOA
Every day is groundhog day for the animals here at the Gunnison KOA.

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