Hiking up Green Lake via the Carbon Trail is a big disappointment unless you’re looking for some exercise.
Lucky for us, that’s all we were looking for, and we’re happy to have a lake thrown in.
Part of traveling and living in a small space is trying to keep up with our normal exercise routines we stick to at home. While we have resistance bands and body weight workouts, it seems that most of our exercise while traveling is hiking.
Which is good, since I have 7 14ers in 7 days coming up here shortly. While the beer belly is bigger and the biceps are smaller, the legs and lungs are ready for just about anything.
The trail up to Green Lake is pretty steep for the first mile or so, and you spend the entire time in the woods. No views, but you do have great Colorado views once you clear the trees, and of course all of the amazing wildflowers that are popping like mad right now.
Green Lake itself is pretty disappointing compared to all of the alpine lakes we’ve been visiting lately, but it’s better than no lake.
Wouldn’t recommend this hike, or the Green Lake Trail up from downtown Crested Butte. There are too many other options around here to spend time on this one unless you’re just looking to build those legs.

Downhill Down

Downhill Down
I have a famous saying that not all downhill is down. This downhill on the up means uphill on the down.

Red and Green

Red and Green
Colette enjoys some reflection time on the shore of Green Lake.

Beautiful Views

Beautiful Views below Green Lake
You can’t complain about views like this.

Coal Creek Crossing

Coal Creek Crossing coming down from Green Lake
Good balance or wet shoes – your choice.

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