Coarsegold LivingWord on the streets is that there’s gold in them thar’ hills.  With town names like Coarsegold and Finegold, it’s easy to see how the local culture was sparked by the early prospectors looking for their fortune. 

We’ve settled down in Coarsegold at the Park of the Sierras RV Park, a private park open only to residents who have bought lots in the park, or Escapee club members who can stay there for up to 90 days each calendar year.

At $400/mo + electric for full hookups, this park is an absolute steal.  Big hills and spacious sites in a fully gated community mean quiet times, unless you count the birds.  Quail, songbirds, Western Bluebirds, the chorus goes on from sunrise to sunset.

Located just south of the Yosemite south entrance, it also makes a great jumping pad for our adventures, hopefully we don’t get too complacent in the peace and quiet inside the park!

3 thoughts on “Gold!

  1. hi jim and collette! the coarsegold rv park sounds like a dream come true…we are putting it on our “bucket list” :-)))
    heading back to prescott AZ this coming Sunday after over 4 months on the road. we will enjoy reading about your travels so keep on writing!
    p.s. new motorhome windshield being installed today. a 2 inch crack turned into an 18 inch crack after a very hot day here.

  2. @Kevin – you’ll get lots of pics soon! We hiked the Lewis Creek trail last weekend, and there are some pics on Facebook and Flickr (photo link above), and more to come. You’ll get to see it person when you come visit us this summer, our living room sofa folds out into a bed 🙂

    @Ruth – So good to hear from you! We were delighted at your recommendation of the Coarsegold area, and we love the park. Just join Escapees if you’re not already a member and then it’s available. Bummer on the windshield, but that’s what insurance is for! Tell Don that we both said hello and we look forward to sharing a beverage over a campfire next winter!

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