Geiranger was on our Norway route, but we weren’t sure it we would make it because Norwegian County Road 63 is often closed due to excessive snowpack.
As luck would have it, Mother Nature cooperated and the plow crews had the roads clear, albeit with some cuts 30 feet high or more.
Colette found us a great little cabin at Hole Hytter, high above the village with views into the Geirangerfjord and back up the mountain behind us. Sheep mowing the lawn below with their bells clanking, a nice plug-in to charge our electric rental car, very nice.
Geiranger itself really isn’t that much of a village, although it is absolutely beautiful to see.
In 2005 it became a UNESCO World Heritage site.
After that, Lonely Planet named it as the best tourist destination in Scandinavia and the hordes descended.
250 full-time residents.
Anywhere from 140-180 cruise ships and 300,000 tourists in a 4 month period.
A specially built pier designed to disembark 4,000 people per hour.
We watched a ship roll in the morning that we were leaving, and the tiny downtown area was already packed with people renting little Renault Twizy cars to zip the nearby Trollstigen (Troll Road).
Our recommendation – see it if you can without a cruise ship in port, or skip it completely.

Where’s Waldo?

Where's Waldo?  In Geiranger!
Can you spot Colette in this photo?

The Queen’s Chair

The Queen's Chair in Geiranger
The aptly-named Queen’s Chair is quite fitting here!

Cabin With A View

Hole Hytter is a Cabin With A View in Geiranger
Not a bad view from the porch of our little cabin in Geiranger

Lawn Mowers Activated

Lawn Mowers Activated in Geiranger
Watching the lawn mowing sheep below us from our cabin at the Hole Hytter above Geiranger

Perfect Perch

Perfect Perch Above Geiranger
I assume that this is a hotel perched high above Geiranger.

Out Of Place

Cruise Ship Out Of Place
The cruise ship looks out of place at the end of the fjord

Small Boat Under Big Walls

Small Boat Under Big Walls
A small pleasure craft out for a beautiful day on the water

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