A damp, drizzly day at home at 7,300 feet – so we headed into the Park to hike up to the Forest Canyon Overlook.
Soon the Park Service will close Trail Ridge Road at Many Parks Curve, but it’s currently open all the way up to Rainbow Curve which makes for a nice hike up to Forest Canyon Overlook.
After you break through the clouds around 9,500 feet it’s beautiful blue skies and sunshine! While the alpine wind definitely has a bite to it, that’s what proper alpine clothing is for.
We thoroughly enjoyed the lack of crowds, the few tourists that parked at Rainbow Curve didn’t venture very far up Trail Ridge so we were able to leave them behind and have some solitude.
The wind started picking up on our way up, and by the time we made it to the overlook we could see snow coming down hard to the west. We didn’t stick around too long and headed down with the wind at our backs. About a mile later we started seeing ice crystals blowing in the air, then snow flurries, and then – nothing. The snow wrapped north and south of us and left us back in the sunshine.
We both dreaded heading back down below the cloud deck, but we wanted to head into Estes Park for their Halloween shenanigans so time to head home and change into regular clothing and head into town for the freak show!

Beneath It All

Beneath It All
Somewhere beneath all that cloud cover is Estes Park.

Feeling Peaked

Feeling Peaked
Taking a break and checking out the scenery.

Perfect Angel

Perfect Angel
Well, snow angel anyway.

Long Walk

Long Walk
A nice long walk up to Forest Canyon Overlook

Quick Climb

Quick Climb
A detour for some off-piste climbing.

The Tundra

The Tundra at Forest Canyon Overlook
Where one footstep falls, a million will follow.


The problem with warning signs is they make you want to see where the scary stuff is!

Moving in Quick

Forest Canyon Overlook - Moving in Quick
A storm started blowing in quick from the West behind us as we headed out.


Cinema quality right here!

Back to Clouds

Forest Canyon Overlook - Back to Clouds
We’re both dreading heading down to the misty rain below the cloud deck.

Just Chilling.

Just Chilling after leaving Forest Canyon Overlook.
Chilling with my homey.

Fun Driving

It’s always fun driving in the mountains after dark in the snow…

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