It isn’t always just mountains and alpine, today it’s sailing on Flathead Lake!
When we lived in Key Largo we missed the mountains. Now that we live in the mountains of Colorado we miss the water!
Some people are just never happy…
After so much time in Glacier National Park and Banff, we decided to have some downtime on really big water and get some sail time in.
Colette dug up Sail Flathead Lake, the only ASA-certified sailing school within 500 miles plus they do daysailing charters.
Captain Genevieve offered to let us handle the little Catalina 22, but we were perfectly fine letting her handle the boat while we kicked back and relaxed on the water.
Flathead Lake is a massive lake in Northwest Montana covering 197 square miles. This makes it larger in surface area than Lake Tahoe, but smaller in overall volume since Tahoe is super deep.
The northern end of the lake around the city of Lakeside is an absolute zoo with traffic and powerboats zipping around nonstop.
The Big Arm area of the lake is known for better winds and is a popular sailing area and is much more relaxed.
There are a few islands of interest on the lake, Cromwell Island (the largest wholly-owned private island west of the Mississippi) is currently for sale for 72 million with a 45,000sqft unfinished mansion, and Wild Horse Island where we hope to spot some wild horses and bighorn sheep while hiking tomorrow.

Getting it Going

Getting it Going
A little spirited sailing


Typical Harken hardware

Catalina 22

Catalina 22 on Flathead Lake
The speedmaker


Kootenai sailing on Flathead Lake
Sail Flathead Lake’s other sailboat out doing an ASA sailing class.

Classroom Smiles

Classroom Smiles
This sailing class is all smiles

Pulling Away

Pulling Away on Flathead Lake
Watching the class pull away

Happy Captain

Happy Captain on Flathead Lake
Captain Genevieve is all smiles in her happy place

Sail Hair, Don’t Care

Sail Hair, Don't Care
The wind plays havoc with no hat!

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