We were looking for a high-value, low-effort, close-by afternoon hike when I wrapped up work for the day, and the Fishhook Creek trail fit all of our requirements.
Easily accessible from the Redfish Lake trailhead, you get to wind through scented pines and wildflowers as you meander away from the north end of Redfish Lake until you reach the border of the Sawtooth Wilderness.
If you have a permit, you can enter the Sawtooth Wilderness, we chose to enter and spend some time by a very nice small pond with a gorgeous view of (I think) Heyburn Mountain, Horstmann Peak, and Braxon Peak out in the distance.
The cold temperatures have kept the bugs at bay, but we hightailed it back to the Pod well before mosquito hour began to make sure we left as little blood in the mountains as possible.
This is a definite recommend, high value for very low effort, and a very well maintained trail. You might even get stuck behind horses at the beginning of the hike like we did.

X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot along the Fishhook Creek Trail
A great mountain reflection as we work our way up the Fishhook Creek Trail.

Sawtooth Wilderness

Sawtooth Wilderness - Fishhook Creek Trail
Entering the Sawtooth Wilderness, so of course we must have a sign photo!

Reflecting on the Reflection

Reflecting on the Reflection along the Fishhook Creek Trail
Taking some time to sit and enjoy this small pond along the Fishhook Creek Trail.

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