We hit Queen Cottages first thing in the morning (if you call 10am “first thing”) to see if they were what we were looking for.



Despite not having any availability until Wednesday the 4th, we realized that this was what we had in mind when we thought about a month in the UP.

Quaint, rustic cabins with the basics – 2 bedrooms, a full kitchen, and steps out the backdoor right to a large lake.  Combine that with their free WiFi and full-strength cellular coverage, and we were sold.  They’ve been doing this for 25 years, and the cabins are certainly dated, but we’re both fine with living quarters that aren’t exactly the Ritz Carlton as long as the hot water works and the beds are comfortable.  Living quarters are doable, we’ll keep you posted on the bed and hot water!

After the circuitous route that we took looking at the other cabin last night, we realized that having relatively good paved roads right up to their long winding dirt driveway is also a huge bonus in both travel time and wear and tear on the car.

After making reservation arrangements with Sue, we left the car parked there and went for a good long bicycle ride throughout the area to poke around.  I’m sure that Colette quickly tired of me stopping every 80 feet to pick the bountiful raspberries, so I’ll be expecting her to pick a bunch before I fly back into town on Thursday night!  Sue also mentioned that there were blueberries in a field close to the cabins, and black raspberries up the street.  I’m sure that we’ll manage to deplete the local population of both before we’re gone!

Sue was kind enough to lock our bicycles in her garage until we return later in the week.  This keeps us from having to drag them around and eliminates the possibility of them being stolen.  Even with our locking Yakima roof rack, if a determined thief wanted them bad enough, they would manage to find a way to take them.  Just one more little thing adding to our piece of mind.

Now the only drawback is having to stay in the hotel for two more nights!  Well, Colette staying there anyway – I have a 5:15pm flight tonight to Orlando so she gets to move all of our ‘stuff’ from the hotel to the cabin on Wednesday night by herself.

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  1. Yes, that raspberry bike ride with Jim was like walking a dog with a full bladder. 😉

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