Fajardo is the first stop on our winter Puerto Rico trip following a short overnight in San Juan after our flight in.
Due to the relative proximity to San Juan, the area around Fajardo is built up, and the beaches and tours are inundated with the tourists that pour off of the cruise ships that dock in San Juan.
Normally this isn’t our cup of tea, but since we’re trying to experience all of the island we decided on three days here to check it out.
The famous El Conquistador resort is in our line of sight (below the rainbow in a photo below), but we’re not fans of their nightly price tag just to be posh. We spend where we need to, save where we can. Colette scored a nice VRBO oceanside on the 23rd floor of a condo building for a much nicer price.
There are some very nice spots in the general Fajardo area, but they are intermingled with lots of not-so-nice spots and you have to drive through. Not so different from any of the Caribbean islands where the influx of mainland money clashes with the historically poor areas where the islanders have lived for generations.
This is definitely not on our retirement or future winter-hibernation lists, from here we’ll head through the mountains in the center of the island down to the south side to hopefully get away from some of the masses. El Yunque National Forest, the famous Pork Highway, down to Ponce for a few days before heading to Cabo Rojo for a week. Photos to come as time allows.

Squeezing Through

Squeezing Through the marina channel in Fajardo
Bringing a large boat through these channels isn’t for everyone!

Rain and Rainbow

Rain and Rainbow over the El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo
A rainbow over the El Conquistador Resort

Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny in Las Croabas
The view in Las Croabas

Enjoy Fajardo

Enjoy Fajardo
The locals are proud

Bad Day Boating

Bad Day Boating
They say a bad day boating beats a good day working, but I strongly disagree.

So Tropical

So Tropical
An old catamaran sitting at anchor

Tis Not A Palm

Tis Not A Palm
You can find shade on a tropical beach, without it being a palm.

Condo View

A quick pan from the condo

Seven Seas Sound Therapy

Some sound therapy from the Seven Seas Beach

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