Since the town of Creede Colorado was built on mining, you have to visit the Creede Mining Museum while you’re here.
We’ve done quite a few mine tours, but this self-guided headset tour is by far the most informative and interesting tour we’ve done.
It’s definitely neat to see the progression of mining technology over the 75 years that the museum captures, and the visual of the working condition changes as time and technology moved along.
Creede was named after the miner Nicholas Creede who originally discovered the Holy Moses Mine. With a booming population of 257 people, it’s the only incorporated municipality in Mineral County.
A typical boom-and-bust mining town, today the town thrives on the tourist economy that flows through constantly to see the charm of days gone by. The town has done a great job of preserving the old-time mining town feel without feeling too touristy.
Also pretty cool is that the Creede community center is also underground in part of the space occupied by the Creede Mining Museum. I’m guessing that it’s probably the only underground community center on the continent if not the world.

Blasting Caps

Blasting Caps in the Creede Mining Museum
Let’s Go Boom.

OSHA Approved

OSHA Approved - Creede Mining Museum
I’m sure this would pass OSHA standards today.

Honey Wagon Ore Cart

Honey Wagon Ore Cart in the Creede Mining Museum
When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Just One Box

Just One Box of dynamite in the Creede Mining Museum
Nobody will notice if I pilfer just. one. box.

Not For Novices

Not For Novices
This rail bicycle is the most deadly piece of equipment in the mine.

Hazardous Mines

Hazardous Mines - Creede Mining Museum
Signs like this is why people like me go exploring. How can you NOT go in?

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