Cerro De Punta (or just Cerro Punta) is the Puerto Rico high point at 4,390 feet above sea level. Pretty decent height considering that it’s on a relatively small island.
There is absolutely no reason to visit unless you’re a highpointer, or you have the desire to see the ocean to the north and to the south of the island at the same time.
The drive up here is atrocious, with roads washed away and damaged from Hurricane Maria. It takes forever to pick your way among good chunks of remaining asphalt, and hopefully the GPS gives you a route on roads that still exist.
The "road" aka trail that goes from the bottom to the peak is even worse, extremely steep and rutted. I tried to coax our AWD rental SUV up and turned back less than 500 feet in when the tires started slipping. Faster to just hike up the steep incline than try to drive up.
The summit is completely covered with communication towers, and has to be the ugliest high point we’ve tagged to date.
Verdict: Fuggedaboutit. While it is cool to be able to see both north and south coasts, the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

Cerro De Punta

Cerro De Punta
There she is – the Puerto Rico high point.

Long Reach

Long Reach - Communication Towers on Cerro De Punta
When you want your communication gear to reach as far as possible, you put it high as possible.

Heat. Haze.

Heat. Haze.
The heat haze isn’t too surprising since it’s almost 90 degrees out.

Lush Green

Lush Green view from Cerro De Punta
This shot reminds me of Costa Rica

Splash of Red

Splash of Red on Cerro De Punta
Taking a moment to gaze into the distance.

Puerto Rico Roads

Puerto Rico Roads
This is a typical Puerto Rico mountain road – steep, windy, narrow, and overgrown.


Photographic evidence of the summit. Is it real, or is it Photoshop?

Cerro De Punta Pano

A quick view around the Cerro De Punta Summit

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