Casa Bonita is a classic Denver landmark, recently resurrected by the founders of the South Park tv show.
Casa Bonita (pretty house in Spanish) closed in 2020 due to the pandemic, and after the owner filed for bankruptcy and closed up show Trey Parker and Matt Stone bought the place and spent a fortune on renovations.
Due to Colette’s tenacity and foresight we were lucky to score tickets through their lottery system to experience this craziness.
Not knowing what to expect, we were surprised to order our meals from a "pick one of these six options" menu at the cashier, then go through a school cafeteria line before someone guided us towards our table deep in "The Caves".
Pretty cool environment, but we quickly realized that dinner at Casa Bonita is NOT about the food, it’s about the experience.
The food was good, not great, but we ordered more and more and more sopapillas, and they just kept coming. When in Cartman-land, get the sopapillas.
Once you’re done eating, then the true experience starts.
This place is a maze of a million different experiences, all guaranteed to provide a night of complete sensory overload.
Flamenco guitar player perched high over a courtyard strumming away? Check.
Game room with anything you can imagine? Check.
Black Bart’s hideway with tight passages and creepy props? Check.
Massive Cartman with sopapillas? Check.
Comedy magic show? Check.
Fortune Teller? Check.
And – cliff divers doing two-story flips into a pool of blue? Check.
If you’re visiting Denver and can score tickets – it’s a must-do.
If you’re local and have never been – also a must-do.
If you have guests visiting who haven’t been, definitely take them.
We recommend not doing lunch. This would be a very different experience midday without adult beverages and a late-night happening.
We’re so glad we did this. Wouldn’t do it again unless guests are visiting – but if you are visiting – you might spend an evening in this psychedelic funhouse!

Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita
We finally make it to the famous Casa Bonita!

Lakewood Landmark

Casa Bonita is a Lakewood Landmark
It’s amazing that this place has been here in this strip mall for this long

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Mi Casa Es Su Casa - Casa Bonita
The entry is like walking down a small alley in a South American country

The Getaway

The Getaway vehicle at the Casa Bonita cashier
I don’t know who let these two behind the wheel

Standard Fare

Standard Fare food at Casa Bonita
Although good, we quickly realized that you don’t come to Casa Bonita for the food…

Run Away

Run Away
Black Bart’s Hideout at Casa Bonita

Enter The Dragon

Enter The Dragon at Casa Bonita
The secret entry, not the 1973 Bruce Lee film.

Spanish Guitar

Spanish Guitar player at Casa Bonita
A little spanish guitar, anyone?

Behind the Falls

Behind the Falls at Casa Bonita
Behind the waterfall where the cliff divers jump


Cartman at Casa Bonita
You have to get a photo with Cartman and the famous sopapillas


There’s a lot going on here!

Rough Night

Rough Night for this fortune teller at Casa Bonita
This poor fortune teller rolled snake eyes with two extremely smart analytical nerds

Upside Down

Upside Down cliff diver at Casa Bonita
A cliff diver mid-flip

Cliff Diver Duo

Synchronized Dive

So. Much. Noise.

There’s a lot going on here!

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