Since White Sands doesn’t have camping available, we tucked into a spot on Raptor Lake at nearby Holloman Air Force Base. No concerns about leaving the Pod unattended with the military police cruising through keeping an eye on things.
While the "lake" is really a wastewater evaporation pond, it is home to a large amount of wildlife – I spotted grebes, mergansers, and of course the obiquitous seagulls…
I can imagine that it doesn’t smell great in warmer weather, we had mild temperatures and a breeze that kept any smell at bay.
We were treated to a gorgeous sunset, and then a gorgeous sunrise as well. If only we had more time to spend here and enjoy this primo spot!

Sunset Sitter

Sunset Sitter
Sitting and enjoying golden hour.

It’s Showtime

It's Showtime at Holloman AFB
Now THIS is an amazing show

Still Setting

Still Setting at Holloman AFB
The show just keeps going on.

Colors Deepen

Colors Deepen at Holloman AFB
Finally the colors start to deepen as darkness settles in.

Sunrise Splash

Sunrise Splash
And we’re treated to the same color show from the other direction at sunrise!

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