Slogging up Campbell Hill makes it two highpoints in one day!
That’s kinda like doing Everest and Lhotse in the same day. The Everest/Lhotse combo also a brutal climb, but it ain’t Quandary…
Campbell is Ohio’s high point at 1,549 feet above sea level, so high that it was used as a radar station during the Cold War.
It was tough right after doing Hoosier Hill, but we managed to pull off the double peak day on our way through!

Photo Proof

Photo Proof on Campbell Hill
Must-have photographic evidence that we really did make the arduous trek up to Campbell Hill.

Geo Marker

Campbell Hill Geo Marker
Mandatory geodetic marker shot

The Sign

Campbell Hill Sign
Not much interesting to see up here, so the sign it is.


Certified Campbell Hill Summit
Smart of the local tourist folks to print up these certificates.

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