The Briksdal Glacier (Briksdalsbreen in Norsk) is an amazing accessible glacier within the Jostedalsbreen National Park.
Living in tourist-attracting places like the Florida Keys and Estes Park, we have learned that there are always pluses and minuses to accessibility.
Make something accessible, it shows up on YouTube and Instagram and suddenly everyone wants to be there.
Here come the tourist bus hordes, natural resource degradation, and eventually that beautiful thing becomes less desirable.
It doesn’t matter if it’s underwater like John Pennekamp in the Keys, or high in the mountains like the Bear Lake corridor in RMNP, too much traffic breaks down the ecosystem.
We also accept that we are part of the problem. We saw a post somewhere that somebody was complaining about traffic in Yellowstone or some other popular National Park. The responses were “you’re not IN traffic, you ARE traffic”. A good perspective, since we want to enjoy these amazing natural resources too.
There are some pluses from the tourist crowds though. Infrastructure additions to support the tourist buses and foot traffic, signs and gates to keep the sheeples from falling to their deaths, and very nice gravel footpaths to get you where you’re going.
We’ve learned to go early to avoid the crowds and have things to ourselves. Living in Estes Park, we have had Rocky Mountain National Park right out our back door any time we want it. Sun’s up? No avalanche risk today? Let’s go hit the good stuff!
This isn’t glacial mountaineering, it’s an easy hike to a viewpoint where you can see the tongue of a glacier high above you. There are amazingly spectacular photos when you get here ahead of the crowds, but nothing that’s going to get your heart rate up too high.
This is no exception. We watched tour buses pull up below us as we were on our inbound hike, and by the time we left the glacier viewpoint it was like ants marching up behind us.
That being said though, this is one sight you don’t want to miss on a Norway visit, even if you’re going to be the tour bus ant marching.

White Ice, Cascading Falls, Blue Glacial Rivers

White Ice, Cascading Falls, Blue Glacial Rivers
I use the word amazing a lot here, but these colors are amazing…

Take Me To The Glacier

Take Me To The Briksdal Glacier
Through the stands of birch trees to reach the good stuff

Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark

Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark - Briksdal Glacier
Entering the National Park

A Small Spot of Red in a Sea of Blue

A Small Spot of Red in a Sea of Blue at the Briksdal Glacier
It’s hard to objectively place a small human inside of this massive bowl


The Briksdal Glacier spills over the mountainside into the valley that it used to claim before global warming claimed much of its size.

Laughing It Up

Laughing It Up at the Briksdal Glacier
Colette can’t stop laughing from the ridiculous wind here

Ready To Tumble

Ready To Tumble at the Briksdal Glacier
Waiting for the castle to fall

Ice Older Than Us

Ice Older Than Us at the Briksdal Glacier
We are such small blips on the timeline of this rock we wander about.

Briksdalsbreen Video

Some video from the glacier

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