The Breckenridge Troll "Isak Heartstone" is a whimsical art display on a popular hiking trail in Breckenridge. He caused a lot of controversy with local homeowners though due to high popularity and widespread publishing in the news and on social media.
Neighbors complaints about the troll hunters trespassing, illegally parking, and littering caused the town council to order it removed.
Never fear though, the artist Thomas Dambo will be allowed to rebuild it in a more public location early in 2019.

In My Grip

Breckenridge Troll - In My Grip
Colette is dwarved by the Troll.

Cairn Contemplation

Breckenridge Troll - Cairn Contemplation
The Breckenridge Troll thoughtfully places another stone one a cairn as he debates the everlong hiker debate – to cairn, or not to cairn?