Smartly (or sadistically) we decided to work a different muscle group from yesterday and bike along Boulder Creek Path.  It’s seven miles of a beautiful trail that follows Boulder Creek and into the canyon with “only” a 500’ elevation gain, the reviews said.

Up until a couple years ago I couldn’t remember the last time I was on a bike.  In the time since we first pedaled around the neighborhood (it is true what they say!) Jim has taken me on tree-rutted, rock-infused,  incline, decline, deer hazard, stairway to heaven trails. (OK, I go willingly.)


As we rode through the cool air from the creek I found myself thinking I thought I was in better shape than this. This trail has a 500 foot total incline, haven’t we done that already? How much further?  How much further can my legs go?


To others enjoying the trail I’m sure it was obvious I’m a noob – it’s hard to look at the creek, enjoy canyon walls all while watching traffic and blind corners.  We passed lots of other bikers and joggers, people practicing creek side yoga and tai chi, dogs splashing in the cool water, and college freshmen strolling with their parents (school must be starting up) assuring them they’re going to be just fine in their new college town. One of my favorite things we passed was a trash can labeled “LAND FILL”.  Wow, that makes you stop to think!


Just when I thought I really wasn’t going to be able to go uphill much further, Jim proved real men do ask for directions!  We had pulled off to what I thought was a halfway point – it’s actually a turnaround.  Oh….seven miles roundtrip.  Yay!  Downhill on this trip was much easier and faster.  Another terrific day enjoying Boulder.

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