Fire TimeWe’re in a new boondocking spot! Our goal is to be closer to the Sequoia National Park entrance and things we want to see in that area. We figured we’d boondock for a couple days then stay at a campground in the park for a couple days, and we want to get settled before the Memorial weekend craziness starts.


So we got up early today, packed up, said our goodbyes to our first official boondocking spot and drove about 30 minutes south. This time we were on a paved road the whole way and I followed Bighaus till Jim pulled off the road near a huge granite slab at the top of the mountain. We got out, my jaw dropped and he said, "What do you think?"

Wow. Here? And it’s free?


It’s a view we know words and pictures won’t be able to capture. Snowcapped mountains in the distance, a valley filled with trees, and a wide open space to park the RV to enjoy both the expansive views and full solar capacity.


More SteamOur plan initially was to park the RV here while we drove down to the campground to see what cell/internet was like there, because it might be better to start there before the weekend. It took me less than five minutes of walking around the granite slab, surveying the view from various angles before I asked, "Is there a reason we can’t stay here the whole time?!" I mean, why go to a campground, and pay for something that would have an inferior view and PEOPLE!? Jim asked, "So I did good?" He did good, very good.


We set about setting up camp, which really wasn’t much work at all especially since there’s a picnic table and fire pit already here. Before long I was back at work and Jim was out exploring.  He gathered fire wood and then worked on the fire pit (re-engineered it for maximum heat and air flow!). I thought he should sit in the sun with his Kindle and let his body recuperate from a cold, but to him this type of ‘work’ is rest. He definitely looked like he was having fun playing. By late afternoon we enjoyed a beautiful fire and our incredible view. How lucky are we?!!!

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