While we were having lunch at Inspiration Point yesterday, Colette looked down at Jackson Lake and said "I’d like to go boating."
Big order on short notice in a very popular National Park.
After hitting the Googlez and making a call, we had a boat reservation for today from the marina at Summit Mountain Lodge. Sweet!
With no expectations other than some chill float time, we threw our backpacks of photo and video gear together and headed out on Jackson Lake.
Other than weather rolling in towards the end of the day (also known as "a little walleye chop" courtesy of my Minnesotan buddy Kurt), there’s not much to say that the photos don’t say for themselves. We thoroughly enjoyed our downtime out on the lake, and a break like this is worth every single penny.
We have some great videos from the day, but the Verizon connection in our boondocking spot outside the park is pretty spotty so those will have to wait until we have a better connection next week.

The Teton Range

The Teton Range
A long exposure of the Teton Range from the Jackson Lake Dam in Grand Teton National Park.

Teton Panorama

Teton Panorama
A huge panorama of the Teton Range and Jackson Lake stitched together from 14 photos.

Fake Backdrop

Fake Backdrop of the Tetons from Jackson Lake
This totally looks like a fake backdrop.

All Day IPA

Enjoying an All Day IPA on Jackson Lake
We’re hoping for a sponsorship from Founder’s Brewing Company. We’ll highlight your excellent brews in amazing spots all around the world, you just keep sending the beer…

Mount Moran

Mount Moran from Jackson Lake
Watching the weather moving in from the west over Mount Moran.

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