Boat Box Hot Springs is the best hot spring in Idaho, and even better that it’s easily accessible along the Wild and Scenic Salmon River.
The hot spring itself is diverted into a long plastic pipe which rests on a witches cauldron. The name Boat Box comes from an old wooden box that was used as the hot tub until it was replaced with the current metal cauldron.
Want it hotter? Move the pipe to put more water in the bowl.
Want it colder? Use a bucket and scoop some frigid water out of the Salmon River.
We stopped here the other afternoon for a soak after visiting the Custer Ghost Town, but really wanted to do a sunrise soak with the steam. Early alarm, drive five minutes up the road from our boondocking spot next to Redfish Lake, and we’re enjoying a nice morning soak with a cup of coffee watching the sun slowly rise. Nice!

Boat Box Hot Springs

Boat Box Hot Springs
Where else can you soak in a witches cauldron fed by a steaming hot spring in the middle of a river?

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