Blue Heart Springs has been on our list ever since we saw a Youtube video from some young Instafluencers and were amazed that this blue water was in Idaho!
We even used the kayak outfitter they used, Banbury Adventures a little ways down the Snake River.
It’s a good thing that we made an early kayak reservation before the crowds hit, because it turned into an absolute zoo after lunchtime.
With our relatively early arrival, we got to experience the balmy 59 degree water with only maybe 10 other kayaks around. When we peeked in on our way back down the river just after noon and it was jam packed, including a few boats anchored in the middle or along the shoreline.
Definitely worth experiencing once, the crystal clear water and towering lava walls are pretty unique.
If I had planned ahead I would have brought the drone in a drybag and got some great aerial footage – I can only imagine how blue this water is from above.

Blue Heart Springs

Blue Heart Springs
Soundly anchored among the lava rock at Blue Heart Springs.

Blue and Blue

Blue and Blue
At 59 degrees, the water isn’t the only thing that’s blue here.

Clean and Clear

Clean and Clear at Blue Heart Springs
The Springs are quite a change from the brown moving water of the Snake River that it feeds into.


You know you’re on holiday when you have the Cheetos onboard!

Taking a Break

Taking a Break after Blue Heart Springs
With the wind behind us, we get to take a break from paddling and just enjoy the amazing scenery.

Yoda Grumpy Cat

Yoda Grumpy Cat
Only we could find a Yoda/Grumpy Cat blend in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

A Day’s Work

A Day's Work
It’s hard work playing!

Up The River

Paddling up the Snake River headed to Blue Heart Springs

Entering Blue Heart Springs

Amazing walls of lava rock as you enter the Springs

It’s a Cold Swim

59 degrees makes for cold swimming

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